EV Charger PCBA

OLINK's Advanced PCBA Services for EV Charging

A charging station, also known as an electric vehicle charger or EVSE (electric vehicle power supply equipment) provides the power to charge various types of plug in electric vehicles including hybrids, community electric vehicles, trucks, buses and more.

Since 2016 OLINK has been a leading provider of EV charging PCBA services. PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Plays a role, in the production of electric vehicles. It is used in components such as battery management systems, motor controllers and power electronics. The reliability of PCBAs is vital for the functioning of these components. Makes the PCBA domain a key part of the electric vehicle production process.

Our exceptional service involves supporting our partners from the stages of BOM (Bill of Materials) construction by focusing on PCBA design. One significant challenge that many people encounter is component shortages especially when it comes to elements like TI and ST chips. With OLINK, by your side we not address this concern. Also ensure faster delivery timelines.

At OLINK, we merge innovation with expertise, ensuring that your electric vehicle solutions are powered by the best in PCBA technology.

What services do you extend?

We deliver turnkey solutions encompassing SMT/DIP, component procurement, and end-product assembly.

What's requisite for a quotation?

Quote quantity, clarity on the acceptance of substitute components, the BOM list, and the PCB Gerber file.

American Standard 48A-PCBA Power Strip – MBMS3 V1.0

American Standard 16A-PCBA Power Strip

American Standard 32A-PCBA Power Strip

European standard mode three-AC three-phase PCBA power strip

European Standard 32A- Double Head Gun PCBA Power Strip

European standard mode three-AC three-phase PCBA power board

American Standard 16A-PCBA Power Strip

European standard 32A-PCBA power strip

European standard 16A-PCBA power strip

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